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NBS2 <70 years

NBS2 >70 years  




An Excel file containing all variables that are available can be downloaded here.

NBS variables



In NBS1 6468 participants donated an 8.5 ml blood sample in a serum separator tube. Of these 6468 participants, 1500 also donated a 10 ml EDTA blood sample, which was transported to the lab on ice. Plasma (n=1500) and serum samples (n=6468) have been stored at the department of Clinical Chemistry at -40 °C until use. Erythrocyte pellets are frozen and also stored at -40 °C for future DNA isolation.

In NBS-NIMA, fasting blood samples were obtained for all participants: 2x 8.5 ml serum tube, 2x 10 ml EDTA tube, 1x 10 ml heparine tube. Also a urine sample was collected. In NBS3, the following biospecimens were collected: 2x 8.5 ml serum tube, 2x 10 ml EDTA tube (on ice), 1x 5 ml CTAD tube, urine sample.


Blood measurements

The following parameters have been measured in all (n=6468) NBS1 serum samples

- Cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides

- Creatinine, urea, albumin

- Ferritin, transferrin saturation, iron, iron binding capacity

- TSH, FT4, anti-TPO - CRP, ALAT


The following parameters have been measured in 3000 NBS1 serum samples:

- Hepcidin

- Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF)


The following parameters have been measured in all (n=1491) NBS2-NIMA blood samples:

- Glucose

- Cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, ApoB, adiponectin

- IL-18, TSH, FT4, anti-TPO, CRP, creatinine,  albumin, bilirubin


The following parameters have been measured in all (n=1491) urine samples:

- Albumin, iodine, creatinine


No measurements in NBS3 biospecimens have been performed yet (October, 2010)


Genome-wide genotype data


DNA of all 6468 blood samples has been isolated at the department of Clinical Chemistry using a salting out extraction method. TE and H20 have been used as DNA diluents. Approximately 3000 samples are stored at -20°C at normalized concentrations (100ng/μl). Automated DNA quantification has been done using A260/A280 method. Currently, normalized samples are transferred to a REMP system to facilitate sample storage and handling.


In 2007, 1980 samples were selected to serve as controls in genome-wide association studies (GWAS) for prostate and breast cancer (POLYGENE These samples have been genotyped using the Illumina HumanHap370CNV-DuoBeadChip. Out of the 1980 samples that have been genotyped, 1832 samples passed genome-wide quality control criteria (sample call rate >98%, Caucasian ancestry according to Structure analysis >90%) and have been used in GWAS for a variety of disease traits. In the Table below the number of GW typed samples that have questionnaire and other data is depicted.


Data type

Nr. samples total

Nr. samples with chip data

Nr. samples with chip data passed QC





NBS1 blood measurements







NIMA study measurements



NBS3 blood measurements





Overview and some numbers

A graphical presentation of the different phases of the NBS and the numbers of included participants in each phase is given in the figure below.


nbs overview 2010 

An Excel file containing an overview of all the variables that have been measured in the NBS can be downloaded here.